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VEDA 1,000mg signature natural mint flavored tincture offers a highly effective 33mg of ECN per ml. Our unique clear tincture is free of additives, solvents, and harsh mixers.

Unlike CBD oil, which can be consumed using a vaporizer pen, ECN tincture is designed for oral consumption. As an end user, you can add it to food, add a drop to your favorite drink or drop it directly under your tongue for fast and easy consumption.

A tincture is a concentrated liquid herbal extract based on alcohol. It is typically made by soaking herbs and other plant parts in alcohol for weeks to extract the active constituents. It can be made from a single plant or a combination of plants. Fresh or dried leaves, roots, bark, flowers, and berries may be used to make it. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD Tincture is a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis plants. Veda ECN 1,000mg is a dietary supplement that comes in liquid form and contains highly effective natural flavors, MCT Oil, and Distillate of Hemp. Proponents suggest that the use of tinctures may help to alleviate migraines, seizures, anxiety, menstrual pain, and other types of pain. Tinctures are considered fast-acting and potent, particularly when the tincture is placed under the tongue.

Caution: Please contact your physician before taking any dietary supplements.


• MCT Oil

• Distillate of Hemp

• Natural Flavors

* ECN less than 0.3% THC per 2014 Farm Bill requirements

Suggested Use

Suggested Use


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