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Brian Ihnacak: Going the Distance with CBD

brian inhacack hockey cbd blog

Thankfully, throughout my career recovery wasn’t really a primary concern. For a long time I was able to move from practice to consecutive games without any real fatigue. Technique-wise, cool downs and stretches were the extent of anything recovery related. But as my professional hockey career progressed, my body started to react much differently to…

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What it Takes to Get Hit

marvin degon hockey cbd recovery

What it Takes to Get Hit It’s tough for me to describe (and probably more difficult for you to understand) what it was like to go to work knowing that I would undoubtedly get hit that day, while constantly being told that taking pharmaceutical drugs to numb the subsequent pain is“normal”. Whether I was on…

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Another Secret to Longevity and Recovery for Athletes

jeff lovecchio hockey cbd blog

I grew up playing hockey in St. Louis. At the time, St. Louis wasn’t much of a hockey hub, so from a young age I was traveling to and training for the bigger stage. I eventually made it to that stage, and after 11 years of professional hockey, I spend my time now bringing the…

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Sleep Tight Every Night

Katerina Mrazova hockey cbd blog

When I first heard about VEDA, I was skeptical. Most of my teammates were. But soon after VEDA was introduced as a sponsor of the NWHL, VEDA introduced themselves to the players  with plenty of information and one request, “give it a try.”   So I spoke with members of the VEDA team and did…

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Mental Health and How CBD May Help

rob schremp hockey cbd blog

I’m Rob Schremp. One-time hockey fenom, long-time pro player, life-long fighter of depression. There. I said it.   Although I’ve always been outgoing and straightforward, it’s never been easy to talk about depression, especially on paper like this. But my career, my experience, and VEDA Sport have given me a platform to help others battling…

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Holistic Health Journey with CBD

I started my holistic health journey two years ago, and want to share about a particular piece to my wellness puzzle that elevated all other aspects of my health. As a professional athlete, I take what I put into my body very seriously. For example, I try to consume a strictly plant-based, non-GMO diet and…

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From Professional Athlete to Industry Advocate: How Marvin Degon Found CBD

marvin degon hockey cbd workout recovery

Marvin Degon, “never would’ve guessed I’d land in the CBD industry.” If you’re like Marvin Degon, you didn’t just realize you needed CBD; you wished you had found CBD sooner. “If you knew me growing up, you never would have guessed I’d land in the cannabis industry,”Degon says. “I was shy, quiet, and always followed the…

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AG Health Nets Official Sponsorship of the National Women’s Hockey League

AG health official sponsor for NWHL

  AG Health announced their official sponsorship of the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) DORAL, Fla. — AG Health, a Florida-based innovator and pioneer of Endocannabinoid Nutrition (ECN), announced their official sponsorship of the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL). The recent deal makes the NWHL the first National Professional Sports League to accept a sponsorship…

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Local, Former Professional Hockey Player To Give Athletes For Care Home-Ice Advantage Sunday In Charity All-Star Tournament

Charity all star tournament

Marvin Degon IV and Hockey Summit Pro Charity All-Star Tournament FORT MYERS, Fla. (Aug. 19, 2018) – Retired professional hockey player, Marvin Degon IV, a Naples, Florida resident, is scheduled to play in the Hockey Summit Pro All-Star Tournament Sunday at the Fort Myers Skatium Arena to benefit charity. Degon, who now serves as director…

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