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Vaping & Health: Choosing the Right Products

vaping health benefits blog

Over the past decade, the use of vaporizers has grown from a niche market to a mainstream phenomenon. Pre-legalization, tobacco-based flavored extracts were introduced and branded as an alternative to classic ways of smoking, and have since spawned an entirely unique subculture. As more and more states have legalized cannabis we are now beginning to…

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VEDA: CBD Solutions for Health & Fitness

veda endocannabinoid cbd health fitness blog

It seems that health & fitness are now being emphasized far stronger in the United States and throughout the world. In 2019, adverse factors such as negative effects of natural disasters, man-made climate change, pollution and genetically modified foods are just a few of the things we need to combat. To this end, a sturdy,…

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Treating Headaches and Migraines with CBD

cbd headaches migraine blog

Neurological disorders affect millions of Americans on a yearly basis. From chronic to sporadic, mildly annoying to utterly debilitating, these conditions may be triggered by various factors, and therefore may be quite difficult to treat. But, what if we told you that there’s a natural cure now available to everyone? CBD-based medicine is picking up…

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Sleep Tight Every Night

Katerina Mrazova hockey cbd blog

When I first heard about VEDA, I was skeptical. Most of my teammates were. But soon after VEDA was introduced as a sponsor of the NWHL, VEDA introduced themselves to the players  with plenty of information and one request, “give it a try.”   So I spoke with members of the VEDA team and did…

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Mental Health and How CBD May Help

rob schremp hockey cbd blog

I’m Rob Schremp. One-time hockey fenom, long-time pro player, life-long fighter of depression. There. I said it.   Although I’ve always been outgoing and straightforward, it’s never been easy to talk about depression, especially on paper like this. But my career, my experience, and VEDA Sport have given me a platform to help others battling…

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Holistic Health Journey with CBD

I started my holistic health journey two years ago, and want to share about a particular piece to my wellness puzzle that elevated all other aspects of my health. As a professional athlete, I take what I put into my body very seriously. For example, I try to consume a strictly plant-based, non-GMO diet and…

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Body in Balance

Body in Balance, ECS Endocannabinoid System

STAYING HEALTHY IS A BALANCING ACT. Every day, we make healthy choices to balance out the stress life puts on our bodies, whether that’s taking calcium to support our skeletal systems as we age or adding probiotics to our diets to improve our digestive systems. But, what if we are ignoring the system which may…

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