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Brian Ihnacak: Going the Distance with CBD

brian inhacack hockey cbd blog

Thankfully, throughout my career recovery wasn’t really a primary concern. For a long time I was able to move from practice to consecutive games without any real fatigue. Technique-wise, cool downs and stretches were the extent of anything recovery related. But as my professional hockey career progressed, my body started to react much differently to physical strain than it did when I was younger.

Muscle soreness, cramping, and strains all seemed to become more prevalent as the years went on. After realizing the heightened level of my fatigue post-practice and postgame, I knew I needed to make changes to maintain my longevity. Therefore I then started my search for things that would allow me many more years of stellar hockey.

Searching for a Recovery System

When speaking to specialists, physiotherapists and trainers, I always looked for ways to get my body more prepared for the next day’s practice or an upcoming game. Throughout the years I’ve worked consistently with various recovery systems (all of which have improved my playing).

In my 12th pro season, I noticed that whatever was working before wasn’t necessarily working with the same effectiveness. The desire to be at the top of my game has always pushed me to learn and research everything that can help me in the moment.

The VEDA Solution

Fortunately, I came across CBD and more specifically the products of VEDA sport. There were a lot of unknowns for me regarding cannabidiol; I had never had any experience with it nor did I understand how valuable it would be to my body. After I extensively researched its potential benefits, I decided I would give it a try.

The Ultimate Game-Changer

Recovery is arguably the greatest factor in a long career. CBD for me was a game changer. Over the last couple of seasons, my postgame sleep problems and lack of appetite started to consume me. The mornings after games I’ve dealt with stiffness, immobility, etc. CBD-based recovery has alleviated all of that discomfort and pain, allowing me to function normally once again.