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Vaping & Health: Choosing the Right Products

vaping health benefits blogOver the past decade, the use of vaporizers has grown from a niche market to a mainstream phenomenon. Pre-legalization, tobacco-based flavored extracts were introduced and branded as an alternative to classic ways of smoking, and have since spawned an entirely unique subculture. As more and more states have legalized cannabis we are now beginning to see the accelerated emergence of the THC/CBD-based vape movement. However, as vaping demand grows and more companies (with varying degrees of credibility and experience) move in to claim their stake, things in the vape world are starting to get a bit complicated.

Recent reports of vape-related deaths have rocked the inhalant community to its core, causing experts to undertake a mad scramble to find the specific cause. With vaping illness on the rise, it is becoming more and more crucial to rely on trusted brands when considering the CBD solution. Here at VEDA we are proud to stand at the forefront of companies offering safe, tested, and proven products. Keep reading for a guide to the benefits of vaping, what to look for in a vape, and perhaps most importantly – what to avoid.

Benefits of Vaping

The first major benefit of vaping is the minimized stress you put on your lungs and throat. It is never really healthy to smoke burnt plant matter. When inhaling smoke the intense heat produced is quite harmful when put directly into the body, creating unnecessary coughing and discomfort. Vapor, in contrast, is much lighter than smoke and has almost zero heat because the product is evenly heated, not burned.

Another great advantage of vaping CBD is the direct effect it has when introduced acutely into the body. Products such as our VEDA Sport CBD Vaporizers contain a highly effective distillate of endocannabinoid nutrition that quickly combats many issues whether you’re on the court or not. These include inflammation, anxiety, and pain, among numerous others.

Convenience is also a huge benefit of vaping. Their compact-sized, sleekly-designed features are ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle. They are a highly effective substitute to bulky dab rigs that you can only really use in the home. With vape pens, you can get relief discreetly while knowing your dose!

What to Look for In a Vape

As with any alternative medicine, it’s important to do some proper research before choosing the right vape products for you. Be sure to scout any prospective vape, checking out their brand in regards to whether or not they provide all the necessary information about their CBD levels, how they are manufactured, where their hemp comes from, and how it is synthesized. The most trusted companies are extremely transparent when it comes to what they are putting into their goods.
Packaging is another important factor to consider when searching for the right CBD vape. If you have small children at home, be sure to go with products that come in childproof containers. The right product should be easy to open for you but difficult to access for the little ones.

What to Avoid

Knowing what to avoid when choosing the right vape pen for you is perhaps the most important aspect of the search, and one that could mean the difference between health and illness. Be sure you are getting your vape from a trusted source. Even though hemp has been legalized nationwide there are still many illegal operations happening that are easy to mistake for the real thing.

It is best to avoid dangerous junk mixers that aren’t included in the specific profiles of the hemp flower used. While introducing new and exotic flavors into the vape oil may seem harmless and may make the experience a bit more pleasurable, we do not recommend it. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) are both odorless liquids that are included in many vape products, however, they too aren’t present in the original plant content and vape pens containing these should be avoided. Using products that implement only the most natural essential oils for flavor is highly suggested.

The VEDA Advantage

During vaporization, ECN (endocannabinoid nutrition) enters your lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream instead of passing through your digestive system and liver. Therefore, by vaporizing with products such as our VEDA ECN Full Spectrum CBD Vape you’ll be getting all those benefits up to 30 to 60 minutes faster! We are proud to offer our amazing products that come from the best hemp.

Keep following the VEDA blog as we illuminate the world of CBD through pertinent information and news, while keeping you updated on all the exciting events we have coming up!