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There’s something very exciting about heading to that first tee of the day. With that said, for some golfers there is also something terrifying about this same situation. Regardless on which side of the fence you happen to fall, VEDA has products that help with both. If you are super fidgety and overly excited, VEDA Sport products help you come down to “even stevens”; if you’re filled with jitters or anxiety, these products help just the same. Two of the main things that I’ve realized by using CBD is its effect on anxiety as well as focus. In a previous blog, I discussed my story as well as how I discovered CBD. This is my personal experience with the compound but of course it is not the same for everyone.


Being in nature has always been one of my favorite things about golf. Being outside, breathing fresh air, and the smell of freshly mowed grass are all almost romantic to me. On the flip-side, once I started having major anxiety issues, the thought of being in the middle of a golf course during one of my attacks was extremely horrifying.


Personally, the symbolism of having a natural product like VEDA in my golf bag to help me combat my unpredictable anxiety that may appear out of nowhere (for no rhyme or reason) is something I’m extremely happy about. Before I was introduced to VEDA, when one of these spells would kick up, I’d be forced to take a much stronger pharmaceutical drug (Xanax). This in return would knock me so far out of my natural state that I could basically kiss the round “good-bye”, and my golfing experience would be ruined.


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High-handicappers as well as low-handicappers all share a bit of nerves throughout their rounds. For some it’s the fairway bunker shot that they have no idea how to hit. Other golfers’ nerves come from the greenside chips they hit 1,000 times on the driving range, but for some unknown reason go blank on the course. It is in these situations that I’ve personally handed a product such as the VEDA Sport CBD Isolate Vape or the VEDA Sport CBD Isolate Spray to people in my group and then had them come to me after the round and say, “You know, that really helped! I didn’t feel high or anything, just really relaxed. It’s hard to explain!”.


One sure way to explain golf is: “Being able to repeat a motion the same way, over and over again”. It’s sort of amazing in a way when you hear some golfers repeat, “I hate this shot, I always miss this shot, or I always hit this shot into that specific troublesome area”. These are the types of anxious moments that you absolutely should try to get rid of if you want to take your handicap down, or if you just want to enjoy your round and not be on the 14th hole, asking, “Is this over yet?”. It really is incredible to me how many players are often so excited about Saturday’s round with their buddies, only to finally get to the first tee and immediately dread being there.


If you are looking to relax and enjoy your day of golf, I highly suggest giving VEDA Sport products a try. Who knows? Maybe it will help you stay calm while you are attempting to implement the 10+ tips your golf instructor unloaded on you during the previous week.


Keeping a clear mind and being excited for the next shot is something that always helps me get to 18 and want to go right back to 1, eager to have another go at the course. These products aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve tried everything and still can’t find a remedy for your anxiety, give VEDA a go and see if it doesn’t at least help your round of golf be a relaxing event instead of a dreaded one.