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I started my holistic health journey two years ago, and want to share about a particular piece to my wellness puzzle that elevated all other aspects of my health. As a professional athlete, I take what I put into my body very seriously. For example, I try to consume a strictly plant-based, non-GMO diet and only take high-quality supplements. I also avoid taking over-the-counter medications to remedy colds and physical ailments.


In my profession, I do get hurt – muscle spasms, tight hips, bruises, soreness – it’s just the life of a professional hockey player. So when I learned about VEDA, and their extensive line of all-natural CBD products, I was eager to try them and see how they worked for me.


I have taken VEDA’s Endocannabinoid Nutrition products during my season and can’t say enough about its affect on my life and my game. What has made the biggest difference are the product’s anti-inflammatory properties. VEDA helps me get a good night’s rest after late nights on the ice and helps me sleep soundly so I’m ready for tomorrow’s competition.


I have also noticed a difference internally. VEDA ECN supports my central nervous system. What does that mean to me? I seemingly never get sick! I am more focused, and have greater mental clarity and stability, too.

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