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I grew up playing hockey in St. Louis. At the time, St. Louis wasn’t much of a hockey hub, so from a young age I was traveling to and training for the bigger stage. I eventually made it to that stage, and after 11 years of professional hockey, I spend my time now bringing the best out of young AAA, college, and professional hockey players as a trainer. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about hockey and different cultures of the world. I also discovered how CBD isolate products help bring out the best in me.


From St. Louis, I willed myself to a division I scholarship at Western Michigan University. I say “willed” because it certainly wasn’t my innate ability that got me into WMU. It was my work ethic and dedication. The same work ethic and dedication that put me in the Boston Bruins’ locker room three years later.


I cut my teeth for the Bruins in the preseason and played on their AHL team for three seasons before being traded to the Florida Panthers. I played for the Panthers’ AHL team for a year and a half. Before my second season in Florida was finished, I suffered one too many concussions to keep playing in the US. I decided to play overseas.

jeff lovecchio hockey cbd blog

From Italy to Norway, Austria to Japan, I began to understand much more than the game of hockey. Recognizing and learning the unique values and social norms of these countries was instrumental in my development as a person. I was constantly adjusting and learning to work around cultural and ideological differences. What often felt like a distraction back then proved to have strengthened my communication, leadership, and patience now.

jeff lovecchio hockey cbd blog

Today, I own and operate RIPT, a hockey-specific training company for serious athletes from AAA to the NHL. As a coach, my goal is to make my clients the best possible version of themselves. I focus on four aspects of training – skill, injury prevention, behavior, and diet – and believe anyonecan become a better athlete.


In the spirit of improvement, I spend a lot of time looking for an edge. It’s what athletes do. So when I was introduced to VEDA Sport, I listened. I know dozens of pro hockey players who swear by the benefits of supplementing their daily diets with CBD products, so I was intrigued.


But I was also skeptical. Are my athletes even allowed to use these products? Does it work? What’s in it? At first, I wasn’t sure. And I felt this way until I dove into the literature and training on CBD, industrial hemp, and the Endocannabinoid System. It’s fascinating! I decided to give it a try and haven’t looked back.


Since I’ve experienced a change in my life on VEDA Sport products, I’ve been an advocate for everyone to try it, athletes and everyday people alike. Just as VEDA was introduced to me, I always begin with education. It’s imperative we all understand our Endocannabinoid System and the effect it has on our body’s ability to recover, heal, and rejuvenate.


I’ve learned a lot as a player, but the skills and energy that get you into the sport and into the league aren’t the same elements that keep you playing into your thirties. Longevity in pro sports takes knowledge and good habits. And, for the most part, those are learned off the ice. Nutrition, health, and wellness are necessities, and VEDA Sport has proven to help me balance all three.


Since hanging up my skates as a player, I have made it my purpose to help other athletes achieve more in every part of their game as a trainer. Raising each aspect of a player’s game, even just a little, makes an enormous difference in their level of play game in and game out. The same applies to your body. The benefits of VEDA Sort provide a slight improvement to every aspect of your health and makes an enormous difference in how you live day in and day out.