VEDA safely and effectively extracts the nutrients found in nature’s finest quality industrial hemp plants. Our proprietary  CBD based formulations nourish and help to naturally restore balance in our Endocannabinoid System, helping your body maintain homeostasis.

Experience the power of Earth's nutrients and unlock your body's healing potential.


VEDA 1,000mg signature natural mint flavored tincture offers a highly effective 33mg of ECN per ml. Our unique clear tincture is free of additives, solvents, and harsh mixers.


VEDA 125mg signature natural mint flavored spray offers a powerful 8.3mg of ECN per suggested serving. Our unique aqueous formulation is free of additives, solvents and harsh mixers.


The VEDA Vape is our signature natural mint flavored disposable Vape. The .3ml vape contains 175mg of highly effective ECN.

*Above products are full spectrum. See VEDA SPORT for our CBD Isolate products.


Unlock Rest

VEDA ECN delivers our powerful, proprietary, phytocannabinoid rich formulation to naturally reduce stress, anxiety and nervousness. Calm, Peaceful Mind!

Unlock focus

VEDA ECN works synergistically with your endocannabinoid system to support your brain’s cognitive abilities allowing for better concentration and mental clarity. Elevated Mental Sharpness!

Unlock performance

VEDA ECN’s natural anti-inflammatory properties along with its sleep promoting benefits allow your body to heal itself accelerating recovery from injury and boosting your physical training results. Stronger Fitness Physiology!


VEDA ECN as part of your daily diet may act as a key to unlock your most central physiologic healing system. Greater Vitality!

Unlock motivation

VEDA ECN There is extensive evidence that the endocannabinoid system is a key modulator of memory for emotionally arousing experiences. Feed your mind daily!

Unlock stamina

VEDA ECN supports your central nervous and immune systems, empowering your resolve and drive pushing you beyond your standard limits. Robust Staying Power!

“We are both very active adults in our 60’s. Being avid cyclists we find using VEDA CBD after bike rides helps with our recovery. We have also used VEDA oil to help with achy backs and other muscle aches. We have also found that it also helps with anxiety. We plan to stay active as we get older with the help of various forms of cbd from VEDA”

~ Bobby B.

“My husband and I have been using Veda CBD oil for about 6 months. It has brought his blood pressure down to where he has gone completely off of the blood pressure meds. It has greatly decreased my overall aches and pains. This product is going to be the up and coming new pain medicine instead of the opioids that are available now. just give it a try, you will be greatly surprised”

~ Sandy S.

“I have had major back pain for over 25 years, I’ve had 2 major lower back surgeries and been on pain pills since 1992. I started taking the VEDA tincture about 3 months ago, it helped with the pain right after the first dose I know nothings supposed to work that fast but it did , my wife was having bad hip pain so I gave her some of my tincture and within a half hour her hip pain was 70% better and within 2 days it was gone completely.we’ve both noticed that the rest of our bodies feel better also . I’ve use the roll on product on my thumbs which have arthritis and it helped right away. tremendous product!”

~ Mark S.

“Great company and great product! Our parents use the oil for sleep and internal health, they are feeling better than ever. Thanks VEDA!”

~ Nicole Y.

“Can’t thank you VEDA enough for saving the day. The oil drops & vapes are of best quality tried outside of using dispensary; highly refined, smooth & pleasant taste. Trust to purchase again.”

~ Maryann D.

“Absolutely Amazing! Bar-None above the rest! We feel like a million dollars! Thank You soooooooo much! We’ll be back”

~ Joseph M.

“I suffer from chronic neck pain that give me bad tension headaches. This product is amazing. It really works. Customer service is also great. My wife purchased and it was over a week with no tracking or anything. They ended up expediting another order and told her to keep the other one when it arrives. She has suffered from chronic arm pain which this has been her only relief. Pure magic.”

~ Jaime C.

“Coming from someone who gets headaches often, constant neck and back pain from physical activity such as hockey and golf, as well as occasional anxiety, Veda’s CBD oil has drastically improved all of these symptoms in a matter of weeks. My life has changed greatly as far as how I feel since taking CBD oil by Veda and I would recommend it to anyone with similar issues.”

~ Dan H.

“I am writing on behalf of my mom, who has benefited greatly from VEDA products. My mother was absolutely reluctant to try CBD products due to being against marijuana consumption of any kind. After years of trying to educate her CBD, it wasn’t until she walked into her orthopedic surgeon’s office and saw a line of CBD products being offered that changed her stance on this. My mother has severe arthritis on her right hand, which causes her hand to swell. That swelling causes her extreme pain. Her choices for any type of relief in her hand were either continuous shots of cortisone or surgery. That’s when she tried VEDA products and the results have been life changing! “It works!” she says. The swelling in her hand has reduced significantly, which in turn has diminished pain in her hand as well. It’s even helped her with her anxiety, even though she didn’t take it for that purpose. This has been a blessing! Thanks VEDA!”

~ Arlyn D.

“I have been a user of Veda ECN 1,000 Mg Tincture since November of 2018. I use it nightly as a sleep aide. I find it gives me a peaceful sleep each night and i depend on it to make my evening go by without interruption. I wake up rested and not drowsy from sleep medication. It gives me confidence to know i’m using natural products to help me sleep comfortably.”

~ Wendy U.

The Three Vital Aspects


Our scientific evidence-based formulation techniques are designed to maximize the amount of VEDA's active ingredients in your circulatory system, providing maximum effect when compared to similar products.


Our highly skilled team of chemists and biologists have developed the most effective delivery methods to ensure the highest levels of ECN absorption. The variety of our delivery methods allows you to chose the one that is best for you without compromising on efficiency.


We believe everyone should have access to our ECN product. We’re committed to making our products accessible and affordable without compromising quality.

When it comes to your health, choose the leader in endocannabinoid nutrition!


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#CBD oil can help reduce anxiety and stress, relieve chronic pain, and even improve sleep! 🌛

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